Sector of buildings maintenance and logistics

The main task of the Sector is to provide the Institute with the necessary material resources and support of the buildings and premises of the Institute in good condition.
Sector in accordance with its tasks:
1) provides the Institute with all necessary material resources, namely: stationery, equipment, fuel, components, tools, overalls, spare parts, household equipment, within the purpose of the budget for the current period;
2) concludes contracts and draws up accompanying documents for the provision of repair services, receipt and storage of stationery, fuel and lubricants, spare parts, ensuring the operation of vehicles, necessary household materials, equipment and inventory, provides the Institute subdivisions with these materials, and keeps records of their costs and prepares the established reporting;
3) controls the rational use of materials and funds allocated for economic purposes;
4) monitors the state of stocks of material resources, compliance with the limits on the release of material resources, their expenditure for its intended purpose;
5) supervises the provision of reliable and stable operation of buildings, premises which are on the balance of the Institute;
6) provides operation, maintenance and repair of material base and its improvement.

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