Department of STEM education

The main tasks of the Department:
– implementation of the general strategy of development and advocacy of STEM-education;
– development of conceptual, normative and legal, scientific and methodical bases of STEM-education;
– providing scientific and methodological support for experimental innovation activities on the basis of educational institutions that implement STEM- directions;
– analysis of the process of development and dynamics of STEM-education development, identification of problems and forecasting of further trends in the implementation of STEM-education directions;
– providing scientific, methodological, and practical assistance to educational institutions, organizations that promote the implementation of STEM-education;
– coordination of the activity of working groups that consist of scientists, teachers and specialists on STEM education;
– establishing communication links with services and structures of the education sector, stakeholders, other institutions that implement STEM education in the regions;
– initiation, fundraising and coordination of innovative educational projects;
– organizing and conducting educational measures directed on popularization of STEM-training, vocational guidance activity among student`s youth;
– conducting scientific and practical seminars and other activities for training and retraining of teachers on innovative educational activities in the field of STEM-education;
– distance and full-time professional methodical help to pedagogical employees in the organization of STEM-training within the limits of STEM-school;
– sharing of experience and achievements of STEM-education through publications, presentations during educational events of different levels: international, all-Ukrainian, regional scientific and practical conferences, seminars, webinars, round tables, trainings, competitions, etc.;
– coordination and methodical support for the innovative pedagogical ideas within the activity of regional institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education, regional STEM-centers, etc.

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