Department of Digital Educational and Scientific Systems

The department is a structural subdivision of the Institute, which ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of information society development and informatization of the educational sector.
The main areas of its activity are:
– formation of an open information and educational environment of the Institute (hereinafter – IOS);
– development of scientific and methodical materials on digitalization of education and increase of digital competence of pedagogical employees;
– scientific and methodological support for the introduction of distance and mixed forms of education;
– assistance in high-quality filling of IOS of educational institutions with electronic educational resources;
– creation, development, and support of information and communication systems and resources, their development and implementation within the powers provided by legal regulations;
– ensuring access to public information and citizen participation in the management of public affairs.
The main functions of the Department are:
– ensuring the functioning of electronic information resources, the Institute`s website;
– planning and development of IOS of the Institute;
– systematic and prompt publication of information on all information resources of the Institute;
– administration of electronic document management of the Institute;
– providing administrative support for information and telecommunication systems of the Institute;
– creation and implementation of the information policy strategy of the Institute;
– promoting the effective implementation of modern digital technologies in the educational process;
– studying and usinge of promising domestic and foreign experience in the field of informatization of education, modern information and communication technologies and electronic educational resources.
– organizing and conducting the scientific and methodical actions directed on increase of level of digital competence of all participants of educational process and development of digitalization of education;
– participation in exhibitions, forums and other scientific events in the field of information and communication technologies in education;
– scientific and methodological support of innovative educational projects of all- Ukrainian level on the basis of educational institutions, including institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education;
– providing practical assistance to heads and employees of educational institutions, educational management bodies, methodological institutions, teachers and organizations on the functioning of electronic information resources website of the Institute;
– preparation of analytical, information materials on priority areas in the field of information and communication, introduction of information and communication technologies;
– sharing and exchanging of scientific achievements in the field of informatization of society and education.

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