Scientific work

Scientific work at the State Scientific Institution “Institute of of the Education Content Modernization” is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Scientific, Scientific and Technical Activities” and is aimed at the implementation of scientific research, scientific and methodological, scientific and educational, information and publishing directions. Its results are a wide range of finished scientific products: from informational and analytical materials submitted in the form of official letters to synthetic scientific works and monographs. Therefore, in order to determine the basic principles of the organization and conduct of scientific work, to improve the order of its planning, organization, coordination and control, the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Education Content Modernization” developed and approved internal legal acts. After all, the creation and implementation of scientific achievements sometimes requires clearer, highly specialized guidance at each stage of scientific research.

Improving the quality of scientific work depends on the presence of scientific schools in the institution, which produce research of a certain direction and style, train scientific personnel (postgraduate students, candidates and doctors of science). This aspect of the Institute’s activity is also regulated by a separate document.

In order to manage and analyze the implementation of all research programs of the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Education Content Modernization”, to improve and increase the effectiveness of the Institute’s scientific workers according to the parameters determined for the specifics of the institution, a special mechanism for calculating the effectiveness of the scientific unit has been developed.

The complex implementation of the regulations will make it possible to increase the scientific potential and effectiveness of scientific work at the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Education Content Modernization”.