International Cooperation

  • Concluding international agreements on cooperation with foreign organisations and entities;
  • Mutual exchange of information on activities with foreign or international organisations;
  • Mutual exchange of scientific personnel;
  • Participating in organization and conducting of international cultural and educational events (conferences, seminars, webinars, exhibitions, presentations, etc.) in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Participating in the activities of foreign and international scientific societies, associations and unions as their members.

The Institute has the Academic Council. The Institute’s Academic Council was established to make collective decisions on main directions of the national education policy, scientific and methodological support of educational content, upgrade of education and vocational training, and implementation of innovative younger generation training and education technology.

The Academic Council consists of the Institute Director (the Chairman), the Deputy Directors, heads of departments, heads of separate divisions, the head of the trade union committee, leading experts of higher education establishments and research institutions (by agreement), and the Scientific Secretary.