Advanced training

State Scientific Institution “Institute of Education Content Modernization” takes an active part in the development of mechanisms for digitalization of the educational process in institutions of vocational (vocational-technical) and professional pre-higher education.

Digitalization is one of key areas of transformation of the system of vocational (vocational-technical) and professional pre-higher educational institutions and it involves the use of digital technologies in the educational process in order to ensure the accessibility of education, strengthen the individualization and differentiation of learning, develop and deepen the digital competence of students. The change of paradigm of communication with the outside world and a high-quality internal tool for optimizing educational and educational-scientific environment require advanced training of teachers in order to ensure the growth of the quality of education in institutions of vocational (vocational-technical), professional pre-higher education.

Nowadays, one of the main areas of work in the field of professional development is digital technologies, which provide scientific and methodological support for the implementation of approaches for the development of vocational education teachers on professional qualifications, information and communication.

Educational programme